S G P Jafry's Media Kit       Page 247

Weekly AKhbaar-e-Pakistan Canada,
Urdu, page 7 – May 10, 2007

Below is the translation of Urdu caption to English
Some pictures of the appreciation celebrations of  fortieth Anniversary of services of
Famous Media person S G P Jafry.
                           Left to right top row
Mr. Jafry Receiving, A certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Bhudresh Bhatt, President of Hindu Society of Manitoba
A Gift from Chief Clarence Easter, Chief of Chemawawin  Nation of Manitoba.
 An Award by Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla, A distinguish professor on behalf of South Asian Broadcasters of Manitoba.

                                Left to Right Bottom row
Receiving Plaque from Hon. Steven Fletcher M.P  An award by Mr. Malcolm Dunlop, VP, Rogers Television Ltd along with
Mr. Geoff Poulton VP OMNI Manitoba
, Mr. Malcolm Dunlop on the podium and SGP Jafry standing behind.