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Since 1975 S G P Jafry Raised more than 7 Million Canadian dollars for Religious &
Social organizations of Canada.

        Following is a list of all supporting documents Linked & Indexed by Dates
43 Year

        001     Resume of S G P Jafry 
        002     List of News Papers where SGP Jafry was mentioned 
        003     List of Cities Jafry Visited 
        004     Front Cover of Resume
        005     Some of Jafry's Business Cards
        006     Jafry's Age progression 1958 to 2005
        007     Inside of Front Cover 
        008     Letter from Bradford Institute of Technology, England 
        009     Letter from Pakistan High Commissioner's Office, Bradford, UK 
        010     News in Telegraph & Argus, Bradford, UK 
        011     Letter from T F Firth, Brighouse, England 
        012     Letter from British Prime Minister's Office, London, England. 
        013.    Commendation from Sun life of Canada 
        014     Gift to Lali & Sher Ali of Sounds of Asia TV 
        015     Letter from CHIN Radio Toronto, Canada 
        016     Letter from CKMW 790 Radio Station. Brampton, Ont., Canada
        017     Letter from CJMR 1190 Radio, Mississauga Ont., Canada 
        018     Letter of Congratulations from Consul General of Pakistan
        019    A letter from United Way of  Toronto, Invitation, dinner for Lata.
        020    Letter of Thanks from United Way of Toronto
        021    Letter from Consul General of Pakistan, Toronto. 
        022    Letter of Commendation from Sardar Ahmed
        023    Letter from Indigo, appointed PRO for Indigo 90
        024    Letter of Commendation from Hasnoo Challenge 
        025    Letter of Commendation from Malton Gurdwara 
        026    Acceptance Letter from CJRN Niagra Falls 710 Radio 
        027    Letter of Commendation from Primer of Ontario Bob Rae 
        028    Article in Community Digest  TV ASIA's about 800 telephone number 
        029    News of Live broadcast of Pakistan Ind. day & Maharashtra 
        030    News Star India Journal, Mulaqaat about Pakistan Ind. day Live Broad. 
        031    Front page head line in Community Digest about Live of Pakistan Day 
        032    New Live Telethon for Maharashtra Earth Quake & Letter of Dr.Ubale 
        033    News item Live Telethon, Maharashtra Earth Quake Star India Journal 
        034    Bell Telephone Bill, Certificate over 40, 000 Collected in 3 hours. 
        035    Star India journal writes about Telethon for Abu Baker Mosque 
        036    SMA Telethon 
        037    Farida Shah appreciates telethon for SMA 
        038    Harish Bhimani on Jafry’s work 
        039    India Journal on Live Telethon collected over 200,000 dollars 
        040    Eastern News writes about SMA Telethon 
        041    Star India Journal on a Year of Triumphs of 1993 
        042    Richard Landau of Vision TV, Certifying first of its Kind live broadcast. 
        043    Letter of certification from CJMR, Mississauga Radio. 
        044    Press Release from SMA that  in five week one Million. 
        045    Star India Journal write about 3 Million Collected in short Time to 
                  Pay off The Mosque. 
        046    Vision TV Guide Showing Jafry communication's programs. 
        047    Star India Journal on Visit of Ahmed Deedat in Canada. 
        048    Star India Journal on Deedat & Wakefield debate 
        049    History of Indian Cinema in Canada, Star India journal 
        050    Appreciation from H.E.. G. S. Malhi, House of Commons, Canada. 
        051    Quarter Century of Broadcasting in Canada by 
                  Mr. & Mrs., Jafry, Article in Community Digest, Vancouver, B.C. 
        052    India Journal on 25th Year of Broadcasting in Canada. 
        053    Naresh News of Vancouver, B. C,  on 25th Year of broadcasting 
        054    Mulaqaat on Operation of Siamese Twins from Pakistan 
        055    Press release from SMA & Hospital for Sick Children 
                  about Collection of Fund by Jafry 
        056    Certificate Malhi, M. P.., House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada. 
        057    Report of Fund Raiding, India Journal 
        058    Press release about the Geographical Scope of Fund Raising 
        059    Star India Journal about 25 cities for Fund Raising for Sick Kid 
        060    Year of First, Jafry Gets 3 Space for Firsts 
        061    Los Angles, India Journal  about Fund Raising for Twins 
        062    High Commissioner for Pakistan appreciating Jafry for Fund Raising 
        063    Congratulations from Hospital for Sick children 
        064    The News, Karachi write about fund raising for Nida & Hira. 
        065    Toronto Star Writes about operation 
        066    Montreal's French magazine write about SMA & Jafry 
        067    Congratulations from Minister of Citizenship, Ont. E. Ziemba 
        068    Mentioned in House of Commons, Canadian parliament page 1 of 2 
        069    Mentioned in House of Commons, Canadian parliament  page 2 of 2 
        070    Triple honor for Jafry, India Journal 
        071    Certificate of Merit for Helping Punjabi Media, G. S. Malhi, MP 
        072    Eastern News on Nida & Hira's operations 
        073    Letter from Vision 
        074    Hira leaves for home, 
        075    Letter of Compliment from Consul General of Pakistan 
        076    A letter from Selfless Workers, Karachi, Pakistan. 
        077    A letter from Sardar Ahmed Sahib 
        078    Vision TV letter 
        079    Rajeev Jain Consul of India, Toronto's Apparition letter 
        080    Letter from Vision 
        081    Fuji Association 
        082    Pakistan's Consul General appreciates 
        083    S M S's Letter 
        084    Mohammedi Trust England. 
        085    Request for Program from Trinity TV. 
        086    Appointed as Director of Multi faith programming of Trinity TV System 
        087    A letter of Appreciation from General manager of CTS 
        088    Letter of Thanks from Saudi Embassy 
        089    News about final Show of Radio Jultrung after 28 Years 
        090    E-mail from India  for Fund Raised for Cancer patient 
        091    Article on Jafry in Indo Canadian Voice 
        092    Jafry standing in front of prophet's Mosque in Madina, Saudi Arabia. 
        093    Article in Saudi Gazette of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
        094    Article in Arab News of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
        095    Article in Urdu News of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
        096    Letter of Thanks 
        097    Mentioned in Article in Pakistan Post of  New York City, NY, USA 
        098    Letter of Appreciation from High Commissioner of Pakistan Ottawa 
        099    Mentioned in Article in Pakistan Post of  New York City, NY, USA 
        100    Photo printed in monthly Mulaqaat of Toronto 
        101    Page one of Article in Monthly " Desi News " Toronto, Canada 
        102    Page two of Article in Monthly " Desi News " Toronto, Canada 
        103    Congratulations from Cable TV Channel ASIANET 
                  England for producing 3 series for 3 Years. 
        104    Launching of Who is who ASIAN Web Directory 
        105    Certificate from Consul General of Pakistan Yusuf Shah 
        106    Letter from Masood Khan of Eastern news 
        107    Picture in Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada. 
        108    Vision's TV Guide with Jafry's Picture in Madina 
        109    Receipt of One hundred thousand dollars f from Abu Dawood 
        110    Letter of Thanks from Scarborough Muslim Association, Toronto. 
        111    Letter of thanks from Saudi Arabian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada 
        112   Canadian Times of India 
        113    Photos Jafry Praying in Makkah 
        114    Article in Saudi Gazette, Jeddah saudi Arabia 
        115    News in Pakistan Star, broadcast of Jummah Prayer in Makkah. 
        116    Indo Canadian Voice. 
        117    Eastern News about Makkah prayer 
        118    India Journal about Makkah Prayer 
        119    News item in Canadian Times of India, Toronto. 
        120    Pakistan Star & other Papers on Hajj Movie 
        121    Saudi Gazette on Rituals of Hajj 
        122    News Item in Toronto Sun, Toronto, Canada 
        123    Letter of Thanks from Albanian Society 
        124    News about Name on the wall of Hospital for Sick Children 
        125    News in  Pakistan Post, New York, Urdu Time Chicago, 
                  News Pakistan USA & Voice, Toronto, Canada 
        126    News about SMA honored Name Plate at Hospital Wall 
        127    Letter of thanks from Muslim Society of Toronto, Canada 
        128    Letter of Thanks from Hospital for Sick Children. 
        129    Article in Canadian Asian News 
        130    Letter from Saudi Ministry of Information 
        131    Article in South Asian Profile 
        132    News item in India Journal, Voice Weekly & Eastern news. 
        133    News item in Canadian Asian news, Toronto 
        134    Interview in Saudi Gazette of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
        135    Letter from Dhaliwal MP, House of Commons Ottawa, Canada. 
        136    Letter from Malhi  MP, House of Commons Ottawa, Canada. 
        137    Certificate of apparition from  Malhi  MP, House of Commons 
                  Ottawa, Canada 
        138    Letter of appreciation from Fil Fraser, President of Vision TV. 
        139    Letter of thanks from Mr. C. M. Bhandari, Consul General of India, 
                  Toronto, Canada. 
        140    Article in Weekly Voice, Mississauga, Ont. Canada. 
        141    Letter from Pakistan High Commissioner, Ottawa, Canada. 
        142    Article in " Ambition " Toronto, Canada. 
        143    News item in Canadian Asian news, Saveera, & Watan of Toronto 
                  and Urdu News Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
        144    Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, Canadian Asian news, Al-Mustaqbil Toronto 
        145    Clipping from Urdu News Jeddah 
        146    Article in Canadian Asian News 
        147    Article in Arab News, Jeddah July 10, 2000
        148    Permission to Video graph in Riyadh, Makkah, Madina 
        149    Permission to Video graph in Haram in Makkah
        150    Letter of Thanks from MOI, Makkah, Director General
        151    Jafry in Cairo and Jerusalem July 17, 2000
        152    Jafry at Dom of Rock in Jerusalem July 17, 2000
        153    Request for Quran from Pakistan Deputy Consul General
        154    Letter of thanks for providing Qurans
        155    A letter from Khalid Sarwar
        156    Letter from Prince Turki about  Qurans on Video
        157    A Century of Sikhs, Broadcast promotion five papers
        158    Saudi Gazette on Broadcast of  A Visual Guide to Hajj & Umrah
        159    High Commissioner of Malaysia, Letter of thanks about Documentary
        160    Times of India, about Indian broadcasting abroad, Dec. 24, 2000
        161    Monthly Mulaqat about Release of Documentary Hajj & Umrah
        162    Appreciation Letter from Ministry of Islamic affair, Saudi Arabia
        163    Articles from Eastern new, Toronto, Jan. 5 and 21, 2001
        164 about listing of A Visual Guide to Hajj & Umrah 
        165    Pakistan Star about documentary Hajj & Umrah Jan. 23, 2001
        166    Canadian Asian news and Mulaqat
        167    Desinews about Doc. Hajj & Umrah
        168    Western View of Feb. 2001 Page 30
        169    Gujrat Earthquake, Toronto star on Line Feb. 02, 2001
        170    Gujrat Earthquake, Toronto Star and Voice of Feb. 2, 2001
        171    Gujrat Earthquake, Toronto Sun of Feb. 04, 2001, Page 12, News Sec.
        172    Gujrat Earthquake, Toronto Sun On Line Feb. 04, 2001
        173    Gujrat Earthquake, on Feb. 07, 2001
        174    Gujrat Earthquake, A letter from World Relief Canada
        175    Toronto Tribune a Toronto Newspaper of Feb. 09, 2001, Page 26
        176     India Abroad of New York, USA, Feb. 16, 2001, Page 18
        177    Toronto Magazine Desi News and Canadian Asian News of Mar.  2001
        178    An Arabic magazine of Saudi Arabian April 2001
        179    Urdu paper Mulaqat of  May, 2001 Page 12,
        180    Jafry's Web site Jafry .com was shown on Ishtyle TV on CFMT TV
        181    A proposal for Documentary A Visual Guide to Hajj & Umrah
        182    Article in Saudi Gazette about Ministry Plans for Hajj & umrah Doc.
        183    Article about Hajj & Umrah in Weekly Voice and Tribune Paper
        184    Article in Punjabi Papers of Vancouver
        185    A Century of Sikhs in Canada  Weekly Voice Toronto Aug. 31, 2001
        186    Canadian Asian News Sept. 2001 Issuw, Page 4 & 19
        187    A letter from Trinity TV, Winnepeg and Now TV in Vancouver.
        188    An Article in Saudi Gazette Dec. 02, 2001 Page 4
        189    Saudi Gazette Jan.26, 2002, Page 4, Urdu version of Hajj Documentary
        190    Millat on Line, Canadian Asian News and Pakistan Star
        191    A letter from High Commission of Indonesia
        192    A letter from Moulana Saeed Akhtar Rizvi from Tanzania.
        193    Letter from Indian Consulate General Mr. C.M. Bhandari
        194    Documentary " Mohammed " 6 Paper Promotion
        195    American Muslim Hour, South Asian Insider and Weekly Voice
        196    Saudi Gazette Free rights of Documentaries
        197    Greeting from Vision TV. 
        198    Saudi Gazette, Arab News, Weekly Voice & Weekly Voice
        199    Email from President of CJMR Radio and Canadian Asian news
        200    A Page from Vision TVs Web Hindu Programs
        201    A Page from Vision TVs Web Muslim Programs
        202    A Page from Vision TVs Web Sikh Programs
        203    A Letter of thanks from Toronto Library
        204    Broadcast of 3 Mosques in Madina, 6 Papers promotion
        205    Promotion of Islamic Radio Program on 710 AM , 6 papers
        206    Rahim Anjan on Distortion of History of Media in Canada
        207    Rahim Anjan on Indopak Cultural History
        208    Lifetime Award for Jafry from Pakistani Community in Canada
        209    First time in the world 13 Majalis Hussain on Radio in Canada
        210    Letter of thanks from Minhajulquran for Donation of Video Quran
        211    Letter of thanks from Islamic Foundation School, Toronto.
        212    Starting April 23, 2005, Broadcasting Quran in Arabic Visual
                  with Arabic Voice with English Visual and English Voice On
                  Bridges TV Network all over  USA.
        213   Letter of Thanks from AS-Sadiq Islamic School, for Donation of Video
        214   News  in Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, of A half hour Broadcast of Life & Time of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
        215   An Article about  S G P Jafry, In Arab News, Jeddah, Paper & Internet, Oct.  10, 2005 Page 03.
        216   Article in Khaleej Times of Dubai Paper & Internet, Oct. 14, 2005 on Page
        217    Comments by Mr. Hayden Mindell; on the Inaugural TV program " IN THE BEGINNING " for the                            
                  OMNI 11 TV
Winnipeg, M.B. from Rogers Communication's Head office.
        218    Letter of appreciation  from Mr. Geoff Poulton, VP/GM  OMNI TV Manitoba for Producing  their
                 inaugural program called " In The Beginning " to be aired at the inauguration of the OMNI 11,  Winnipeg
                 on Feb. 06, 2006.
        219    A letter of Thanks written on Feb. 28, 2006from International Development & Relief Foundation of                        
                  Toronto for Giving  them One hour of TV Time free  to raise funds for Pakistan Earthquake on Oct. O8,                     
                  2005  in Pakistan & Azad Kashmir.     
        220   Letter of appreciation  from  The Hindu Society of Manitoba, Winnipeg  for Producing  & broadcasting
                 a Hindu Religious TV Series called " DIYA " on  OMNI 11,  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
        221   A Letter of thanks from  ISLAMIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF MANITOBA,  for Producing                         
                 & and broadcasting an Islamic Religious TV Series called " ISLAM 101 " on  OMNI 11                        
                    Winnipeg, Manitoba,  Canada. 
        222   Letter of thanks from  Hon. Bidhu Jha, MLA, Radison, Manitoba Legislative Assembly, Manitoba,                   
                Canada  for  Producing Multifaith TV programming in Winnipeg for OMNI TV 11.
        223   Appreciation Letter from Mr. Malcolme Dunlop, Vice presedent sales & Marketting Rogers Media,                         
                 Television Division,  for producing Hindu, Muslim & Sikh TV Series for Winnipeg, Manitoba and                                 
  British Columbia, Canada.
        224    Picture News in INDO CANADIAN TELEGRAM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, About Reception in Honor of
                  participant in TV Series DIYA, ISLAM 101, SIKH VIRSA produced in Winnipeg.
        225   A letter of apriciation from Winnipeg's Sikh Society, SINGH SABHA WINNIPEG, INC., about
                  SIKH VIRSA TV program.
        226   A letter of appreciation from the Hon. Clarence Easter, Chief of Chemawawin Cree Nation,                   
                 of  Manitoba., Canada for being a Part of Inaugural TV Program of Omni 11 TV station in
                 Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  227   Article in Canadian Asian News About the broadcast of S G P Jafry's production  on OMNI 2 in Ontario..
        228   Clipping from, Punjab Star, Toronto Tribune and Weekly Voice, papers about OMNI 2's broadcast of Jafry's                  
                  Three TV  Series namely DIYA, ISLAM 101 and SIKH VIRSA.
A Letter of Appreciation from Mr. Richard M. Landau, Executive Producer, Balance programming, CTS                    
                 TV in Ontario for Multicultural  TV programming in Eastern & Western Canada
Picture News in INDO CANADIAN TELEGRAM in Winnipeg, Manitoba, About start of 2nd Season  recording
                  of  DIYA, ISLAM 101 & SIKH VIRSA TV programs in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
        231    A letter from Institute for Understanding Sikhism by  Professor Davindeer Singh Chahal
        232    News in
INDO CANADIAN TELEGRAM in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Meeting Premier Gary Doer of Manitoba
        233    News in Print & Net The Weekly Voice about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
News in Print  Canadian Asian News Front Page,Toronto about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
News in Print  Canadian Asian News Page 13,Toronto about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment  
News in Print  NAGARA Punjabi Front Page,Toronto about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
News in Print  Hamdard Punjabi Page 31,Toronto about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment 
        238    News in Print  Toronto Tribune Punjabi Page 05,Toronto about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
        239    Pictures of Party in Winnipeg to Celebrate
40th Anniversary of SGP Jafry in Entertainment & Awards.
        240    Articcle in Community Digest Front Page & Page 3 Ontario edition
about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
        241    A letter of Congratulation from Hon. Stephane Dion, MP, Leader of Federal Liberal Party, Ottawa.
        242    A letter from Hon. Gary Doer, premier of Manitoba, about Multi Cultruing programming.
        243    Plaque award from Hon. Steven Fletcher, MP,  for
40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
        244    News in Hamdard Weekly page 2, May 4, 2007 issue, Vancouver, BC.

        245    News in Print  Pakistan Post, Urdu Page 11,Toronto, April 26, 2007, about 40 Years of SGP Jafry in Entertainment
246    Photo News in Print  Toronto Tribune Punjabi, Page 17,Toronto of May 04, 2007.
        247    Weekly Akhbaar-e-Pakistan, May 11, 2007, P7, Pictures of  Jafry's 40th Annuversary Celeberations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
        248    A certificate of Appreciation from Hindu Society of Manitoba.
        249    A plaque of Congratulation from Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. presented by Mr. Malcolm Dunlop.
        250    Article in Canadian Asian News, Toronto, May 15 2007,  Page 13, about SAB & Jafry
        251    Front Page Picture of Jafry in The Indo Canadian Telegram, Winnipeg, Manitoba, May issue.
        252    A letter of Congratulation from Islamic Education Foundation Inc. of Manitoba. May 13, 2007
        253    A news write-up in The Weekly Voice, Toronto, May 19th Issue, Page A 15 about Honoring Participants in TV programs
        254    Article in an Indian Web Site  "  " about 40th year anniversarym May 31, 2007
        255    Included in the list  of Celebrities  on  "Other  Celebrities page" in Web Site  "  " May 31, 2007
        256    Placed one the Celeb's Cornor in Web Site  "  " May 31, 2007
        257    Broadcast a TV  Special on PAKISTAN'S 60th  Independence Day on August 11, 2007, 6-7 PM on CTS TV
        258    Broadcast a TV  Special on INDIA's  60th  Independence Day on August 18, 2007, 8-9 PM on CTS TV
        259    From Sept. 16 to 29, 2007  Perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia with whole family, SGP Jafry with wife Nuzhat, Son Jawad, 
                  Daughter in Law Tehseen, grand daughters Muneerah,   Azeezah and Nafeesah.
        260    Jafry's production was Aired in Canada on  TV Starions OMNI 2, Toronto, OMNI 10 Vancouver and OMNI 11 Winnipeg
                  CTS TV Burlington from
Sept. to Dec. 2007, FIFTY (51) Hours a week.
        261    Mr. Malcolm Dunlop sent a letter of Appreciation for Producing four Series 1 Diya, 2 Islam 101, 3 Sikh Virsa, 4 Islam in                                           Focus, a total of  445 Episodes for Rogers TV Media a branch of Rogers Communications.
        262    Mentioned in Winnipeg Sun , Winnipeg, MB, Sunday Feb. 03, 2008
Mentioned in Winnipeg Sun , Winnipeg, MB, Sunday April 27, 2008
        264    Picture of Jafry receiving an Award from L.Governor of Manitoba, Hon. John Harvard & Premier of Manitoba Hon. Gary Doer

        265    A letter from Islamic Education Foundation of Manitoba, about Jafry’s Multifaith Services in Manitob
        266    An Article in The Indo Canadian Telegram of Winnipeg, About Awardas to Unsung Heros of Manitoba. May Issue
Mentioned in Weekly Canada Express, Toronto , , May 02, 2008, Page 7
        268    Mentioned in Article in Winnipeg SUN May 11, 2008, Page 24
        269    Article & Photo in Canadian Asian News, May 15, 2008 page 13
        270    Letter of Congratulations from North York General Hospital, Toronto, August. 06, 2008
        271    Produced 52 Episodes for Vision TV, Canada, Discovering series, 16 Hinduism, 18 Islam & 18 Buddhism, Oct - Nov. 2008
        272    Appriciation letter form
North York General Hospital, Deceember  17, 2008
        273    Article in  " Islam Muslim & the World " Saharanpur, India March 2009 issue
        274    Artile in " Canadian Immigrant "  Toroto Canada, March 2010.   Print & Internet.
A letter of Appreciation from Zoomers Media, Television Division for Producing  54 Episodes for Christian Channel, Canada,                                   Journey series, 18 Hinduism, 18 Islam & 18 Buddhism, Mar-May. 2010.
        275a  Broadcast a Fund raising TV program for Pakistan Flood Victims on Vision TV. August 29, 2010
        276    Mentioned in an Article in
Canadian Asian News, about a TV program on 8 Stations to Help Pakistan flood Victims.
        277    Aired Special TV programs for the help of people of Pakistan flood Victims on Eight (8) TV Stations all over Canada free of                                       Charges for Air time and production Cost Saturday October 02, 2010 from Atlantic to Pacific.
        278    A letter of Thanks from
Mr. Sahebzada A Khan Consul General of Pakistan,  Toronto on Behalf of Govt. of Pakistan thanking for                           providing TV air at no cost to Community to help Flood Victims in Pakistan issued on Oct. 07, 2010.



40 years greetings on
Vision of Pakistan TV
on Vision TV

40 years greetings on
Hum Sab Ek Hain TV.
on Vision TV

40 years greetings on
Yeh Karavan TV.
on OMNI 2 TV

Interview on 
Sounds of Asia 
Canada 1981 

1982 President of
Zia ul Haq
Thanks Jafry

Sciens from Live 
Broadcast of

Day in Canada

Aug. 14, 1993

Ther are only
Some Sciens from

Live Broadcast for 
Quake in India
Oct. 09, 1993

Live Telethon for
Abu Baker Mosque
December 11, 1993

Fund Raising for
Siamese Twins
from Pakistan 1994

Award from
Hon. G.  Malhi  MP.
inParliament Buildings

Award for Service
Elaine Ziemba
Minister of Citizenship
March 05, 1995

Jafry's Interview
on  Z TV  Europe 
April 06, 1996 

Mentioned in 
Canadian Parliament
Mar. 15, 1995

Praying in 
Makkah Madina
1998 & 1999 

Social Service Award
Visions of Pakistan

Value in 
Sept. 25, 1999 
A talk on 
April 01, 2000

Visual Guides to
Al Madina
AL Munawwarah
Hajj & Umrah